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Metallic silver and black shoelaces

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Metallic Silver and Black Shoelaces

When we’re not busying ourselves with designing and developing the best shoelaces on the market, we spend any spare time predicting the next trend to sweep through the laces business. If you’re someone who likes to be one step ahead of the rest, we’ve got the perfect shoelace for you.

Sure, our metallic silver & black shoelaces are daring. But sometimes you’ve got to go the extra mile to stand out under the lights. These laces are for dominating the dance floor, for those who come out at night and want to be noticed. They tie the shoes of those who dance all the way home after a night out.

The beauty of these laces lies in their versatility. Paired with black trainers they could give a subtle shine to your evening outfit. Use them with white trainers to stand out and watch as the contrast attracts envious eyes from around the room.

Because these laces are about to go big, buying them now is a little bit like being a Justin Bieber fan before he became famous. You can say that you were there before the rest. And that you know talent when you see it. Any true shoelace connoisseur will tell you that it’s just a matter of time before these laces go viral. Grab yours today while they are still in stock and before the whole damn world is wearing them.  

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Width: 10mm