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Elastic reflective light grey laces

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  • Easily adjustable tension
  • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
  • Doesn't fray or break
  • Get a unique look
  • One size fits all
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Shoes Become Better with Elastic Lock Light Grey Shoelaces

Trainers look and feel cooler with elastic lock light grey shoelaces, which provide the ultimate easy-adjustment tightness for your breathability and flexibility perfection.

Are you the kind of person that knows where you want to go and just wants to get there? Well say goodbye to stopping to tie your laces. You're now the first one out the door, and since these were specifically designed for enhanced athleticism…

You'll be the first one to do a lot of things.

You think breaking the sprinting record had nothing to do with the laces? The first person to win a marathon, you don't think they took the time to choose which laces would get them to the finish line the fastest? Well they did. And now they're in the history books.

But can we take a second to talk about how this throwback style is taken to the next level by such a unique colour?

But fair warning: people used to communicate via smoke signals. In fact, they still do in some parts of the world. And it's best not to wear these shoes when you visit. You might confuse them with the two mesmerising trails of smoky style presented on both your feet.

You know what? You're already dominating your shoe game, just by clicking on elastic lock light grey shoelaces. All you have to do is take it one step further, and every step after that one will be better than the last.

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Width: 3mm