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Super wide brown shoelaces

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  • Order fits perfectly in your letterbox
  • Stays tied all day
  • Doesn't fray or break
  • Maximum visibility
  • Get a unique look

Super Wide Brown Shoelaces Are for the Best Things in Life

Super wide brown shoelaces turn your trainers the colour of some of the greatest things that us humans can get our hands on, like soft fur, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and beer.

But let's be real, this is probably the perfect colour to match your trainers, isn't it? There's some brown in the designs, or a shade of blue, grey, beige, pink, or even white, right? We're not psychic – you're at FeetUnique, so you have an eye for quality and know the difference a great pair of shoes can make.

Be warned: these are super wide, so they will make your shoes primarily brown. People might try to touch or even eat your feet. "Suddenly, I'm in the mood to indulge," they might say. Indulge with them. You look so good, you've earned it.

Because getting these laces isn't just treating yourself, you're doing those around you a favour too. You'll take customers away from the local art galleries, because anyone who's seen your shoe game will be more than satisfied. You might want to charge a fee for people to be around you. See? These laces are paying for themselves already.

Super wide brown shoelaces were designed for a life of ease, and all they ask of you in return is your enjoyment. Isn't that sweet?

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Product Code: 18M-Flat-DarkBrown
Width: 16mm
Made of high quality polyester