Welcome to Feetunique

Here we strive to provide all kinds of shoelaces. We have everything from long to short laces and normal single coloured shoelaces to different patterns and even with glitter.

Search through the various categories in the left side, or click on the pictures above to see the many varients we have. If you are searching for a pair of shoelace that you can't find on our website, please feel free to contact us, as we wish to provide everything our costumers look for.

Shoe laces can change your shoes or boots look completely. You can pick some that will give you a lot of attention or you can pick shoelaces that match with your clothes in order to obtain a more complete look. The possibilities is endless, and you can create a much more unique look for your shoe just by changing the shoelace design or shoelaces styles.

We encourage our costumers to upload pictures to us (use the contact form or send to in order to help others see how big a difference laces can give. Feel free to send us your pictures even if you haven't bought the laces here.

Boot laces or long laces if you will is something we are working on getting in stock. We will get them in length's up to 300cm in the "basic" categories first, such as round 4mm, oval 6mm and flat 8mm. These coloured laces is the most popular, but if you were looking for the long lengths in one of the more special shoelace let us know.



News on Feetunique

This section of the page contains the news on feetunique and will only be updated when we have relevant news.


Round 3mm shoelaces are now available in many colours!

These shoelaces are very popular for classic shoes and have been requested from many costumers. They are now available in many colours and in the short lengths needed for classic shoes. We always strive to have what you as a costumer request. For this reason we have all the popular colours in stock, but if you feel like we have missed a one or a completely different shoelace model for that matter please don't hesitate to write to us. Otherwise we hope you will enjoy them and here is a link to the categori: Round 3mm.


Long shoe string

For a long time we have been searching for long shoelaces that met our requirements regarding quality colours and so forth. Finally  we have been able to get hold of them! They are available in multiple colours, and shapes though we will continue to search for more colours to match the entire selection we allready have for shorter shoelaces. We will also strive to keep getting samples of other long shoelaces in order to compare the quality and select the best possible. We will keep you updated on when we get even more in stock. At this moment we have been able to get shoestrings in lengths up to 300cm which should be enough for all boots/rollerblades and so forth. If it is not please let us know and we will get them in even bigger sizes. That means you can now buy them in 67,5 cm - 300 cm of length. Feel free to take a look at them here:

Extra long lengths



Feetunique in europe

Feetunique is now available in a few other contries in europe as well. Join our facebook group in order to see where and the overall progress.



A facebook group has now been created. If you like this webshop please press "Like" and follow news and special offers on our facebook page. Right now we have very few people in the group and for that reason we will provide extra good discounts on the facebook site in order to get more people to join.


New glitter shoelaces in stock!

We have new glitter shoelaces ready for sale. Unfortunately it is very hard to show the beautiful effect on a picture. We encourage everyone who purchase these laces to upload pictures of them to us in order to show others how great they really look. They feel like very high quality and is ideal for giving your shoe a shimmering effect


Led shoelaces

Led laces are very popular at the moment, and we have been working to get them in stock. However after testing quite a few products from various providers we have not been able to find any of high quality. They simply feels uncomftable, loose battery too fast, glows with different intensety and even stop working if we were not careful. For these reasons we have decided not to sell them untill they are available in much higher quality. If any of you have good experiences with them we would like to know which ones you have been using in order to provide others with the joy of them. is now ready!

The webshop is finally complete and ready for costumers. We have been working to get it up and running for a long time, and are proud to welcome you! If you run into errors or just feel like we have failed to get some important shoelaces in stock, please let us know so.