About us

Where it all got started…

Far up north, in a small corner of Europe, hides a place crowned the happiest country in the world, famed for its kingdom and home and birthplace of LEGO®. This small country is named Denmark and that’s where our journey began.

The idea…

In 2012 two childhood friends, me (Claus) and Christian wanted to take on the world. We had a dream of starting a company for ourselves. We knew we wanted to sell something related to clothing, because we always searched for unique clothing ourselves, but we had no idea what it would be. We discussed obsessively for weeks and searched the market for any possible branch where the items offered came short of the demand and one day we “suddenly” got (what we believed) was the perfect idea: Shoelaces! Of course!

Climbing the mountain…

We were both bubbling with excitement, and immediately started planning every possible detail of the project (It is safe to say we had too many “awesome ideas” we liked and we had to boil it down to the very core). Our parents thought we were crazy, (and they were probably right), and so did our friends. Comments like “No one buys shoelaces”, “You can’t sell that”, “There’s no money in that” and “I really think you should stick with your job” was common. Sometimes they even busted out laughing when they heard the idea. It wasn’t easy listening to, but because we were already determined to do it, it somehow ended up just reaffirming that we had to do it, and prove them all wrong. We got started and I have to be honest, things were tough, sales were non-existing and it was an uphill battle all the way. We did however grow every year in our eyes it was a marathon not a sprint.

5 years and still growing…

Now 5 years later, we are now selling shoelaces online in 8 countries and more is coming up! We currently sell shoelaces in the following countries USA, Denmark, France, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom.

The vision

Since the beginning we’ve been determined to not just be another mediocre shoelace supplier in it to make a quick buck (to be honest it is easy to say this because it didn’t seem like a product we even COULD make a quick buck from). Rather the vision has always been about providing more value, than our customers expected. Finding the best quality shoelaces possible at the best price, service-level beyond what was expected, making sure each customer was 100% satisfied and fixing any problem no matter what is was. In our foolish minds there is no good reason not to make the experience of buying shoelaces as rewarding as possible, even though the product is “just shoelaces”.

Our employees

Our developers:                Customer service:

Alex, Guntis                       Tanika