• Black "No-Tie" shoelaces for dress shoes

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    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons

    Turn your nicer footwear into slip-ons with black no-tie laces for dress shoes.

    Slip-on shoes aren't limited to sneakers – when you're looking for consistent style without needing to bend over and tie your shoes, black no-tie laces for dress shoes are the perfect choice. These fit into every pair of leather shoes. They feature the right level of elasticity to keep things breathable but secure. Setting them up will take you under two minutes. And the color goes with everything. With black no-tie laces for dress shoes, you'll love the way your feet feel and look every day.


    Easy to lace. Impossible to go back to tying shoes.

    It will likely take you longer to unlace the fabric laces from your leather shoes. Your no-tie silicone laces come in two sets of six individual pieces. Each one fits right into your eyelets (shoe holes). Simply slide them into place, then slide your feet inside. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two! And that will be the last time you need to tie your laces again.


    Enjoy comfort, convenience, and a secure fit.

    The elasticity and carefully constructed lengths guarantee a comfortable feel. This is despite never needing to tie your shoelaces again. But if you think about it, no one's perfect, so tying our shoes every day means a regularly inconsistent fit. Not the case with black no-tie shoelaces for leather shoes.


    The highest-quality black no-tie laces for dress shoes online.

    Easy to clean. Never fade, fray, or show any sign of wear and tear. If they get scuffed or dirty, simply wipe it away with a damp rag. All of our shoelaces come in such a high quality, we guarantee that they'll outlast the first AND second pair of shoes you lace them into. This applies to all, but it's especially true for silicon no-tie laces.


    Why FeetUnique for Your Shoelaces?

    Because you prefer a company who cares. You don't need to mail back your laces to receive your money back if you're unsatisfied – we'll refund you, no questions ask. We know you're going to love your black no-tie shoelaces, and not because the price is great and the shipping is free. You're getting the best of the best, 100% guaranteed.

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