• Are you a blogger and you want to blog about Feetunique?

    Are you a blogger and you want to blog about Feetunique?

    Then there's a good chance of working with us :)!
    Contact us at support@feetunique.net
    We at
    Feetunique like to read blogs. We love blogs and other things written with the heart and of pure interest.
    If you have a blog, website, Youtube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram account, then there's a good chance we can work together.
    We love to get feedback about our products and we're always open to suggestions of collaboration.

    Here are suggestions for what to blog about.

    - Which colours / types of laces (round, flat, oval) go well with specific shoes
    - Inspirational images of our laces in your shoes.
    - Creative ways to put the laces in the shoes.
    - Creative ways to tie the laces.
    - Review the laces. (Your honest opinion even if it's negative, we want to hear it!)
    - Giveaways, competitions etc.

    This is just our suggestion, if you have your own ideas you're welcome to chip in. :)

    You can freely use our pictures as long as you create a link to us.

    How to contact us

    Contact us at support@feetunique.net if you want collaboration. As we receive many enquiries, you will help us if you provide the following information in your email:
    - Link to your blog and/or other channels (if you have more than one)
    - How long you've been blogging
    - Which laces you want - Colour(s), type(s) (round, oval, flat), length(s)
    - Briefly mention what you want to write about.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you ! :)

    //The Feetunique Team