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    Gold leather shoelaces

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    Gold Leather Shoelaces Are Pure Style

    Do our gold flat leather shoelaces make trainers look like they're laced in 24 carats? Let's just say that the laces you see in the photos above are exactly the laces you get. There are like having stylish foot armour. Tie these up and hit the streets, and you'll look like a master of social interactions.

    There's no way to make footwear look more confident. Your shoes will make billionaires jealous. They'll make world leaders come to you for answers. You may shift the entire world economy for the better, just by wearing these laces out in public. Who knew simply looking good could make you a job creator? Well, fashion models, that's who.

    With gold leather shoelaces, pavements become catwalks. People in shopping centres will approach you for a picture. Your boss will sign over the company to you, knowing you'll do a better job running things than they ever will.

    And whether you like to run or prefer a nice stroll, whether you're an unstoppable extrovert or an approachable introvert, don't let the metallic colour fool you – these will make your shoes feel lighter and more comfortable, the ultimate pair of premium laces.

    Honestly, the only place these might look better than across your feet? Wrapped around your forehead like a crown.

    You have the golden opportunity to make your trainers shine brighter than anyone else's. Can you handle all the attention? Of course you can.

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