• Neon green curly shoelaces

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    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons

    Neon Green Curly Shoelaces

    For sneakers that are exciting, convenient, and fun to look at, look no further than neon green curly shoelaces. This is a footwear accessory that never slows down, allowing you to simply slide your foot inside, pull them tight, and start showing off.


    With neon green curly shoelaces, you get to where you want to be, looking the way you want to look.


    You could run a marathon, stroll down a quiet beach, and everything between. The no-tie elastic only needs to be laced up one single time. Pull them to your desired tightness, and enjoy just the right amount of security and comfort no matter what your lifestyle.


    The elasticity is crafted with your total comfort and security in mind.


    While the design and innovation are great features, the color is what really makes neon green curly shoelaces stand out. The no-tie elastic is far brighter and lasts longer than fabric laces, and they're a surprisingly versatile color too, going just as well with neutral colors like brown, black, and white as they do with red, pink, or even another shade of green.


    You were looking for the perfect pair of laces, the kind that match your style while making your life easier – and better. You found them. They're neon green curly shoelaces. And they're ready to bring your shoes to the next level.

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