• Lambswool Insoles

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    Our lambswool insoles are an all-natural, temperature-regulating product. Despite the maximum heating capability of this material, your feet won’t "overheat" when temperatures drop. The insoles are warm and comfortable. Lambswool is extremely effective as a material and it is very simple to understand why. It’s super soft and generates high heat naturally.

    Most comfortable insoles                                       

    These are the most comfortable insoles you can imagine wearing! People looking for an optimal heating effect will find them indispensable. The luxurious and natural material both warms your feet and helps regulate their temperature.

    These insoles will fit any shoe as long as you consider it will take up some space inside. If you’re looking for a slimmer insole that still provides plenty warmth, our fleece or felt insoles are a better option.

    Heated insoles are now obsolete                                                                                      

    The few that aren’t are thick and uncomfortable. There is a very limited selection of these products left that is of any fathomable quality, much less satisfactory. You have to wear sturdy, robust, and often clunky shoes if you want to wear heated insoles because they won’t fit in slimmer, classier shoes. What’s more, most heated insoles have only one heat setting.             

    Lambswool is naturally warming, temperature regulating, and soft. These advantages more than make up for its price. No outdoor activity is off limits when you have a pair of lambswool insoles, even if it’s freezing outside. Our insoles are a "cut to size" product. Just choose the size that corresponds to yours. They come in two ranges. The first covers sizes 20-35 and the second covers 36-47.

    Take proper care so they last a lifetime

    Don’t wash lambswool insoles – there’s special shampoo you can get that is specially designed for cleaning this material. If you use something else, you risk shortening their lifespan. Get a gentle shampoo if this is not possible.

    The design is tasteful with a natural two-tone combination of white and cream. To insert the insoles into your shoes, use a pair of scissors to form them to fit following the lines on the back that correspond to your shoe size. Then, simply place them inside your shoes and you are ready to brave the coldest of winters. 

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