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Oval navy blue shoelaces

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Dive into the Unknown with Navy Blue Oval Shoelaces

Navy blue oval shoelaces were specially crafted for frontrunners, so it's no accident that they match the colour of the sky those first few minutes of daybreak – your morning jog is about to feel, look and become better in every way.

That's not to say that these laces make you faster. Instead, they complement your speed with unmatched flexibility, friction that keeps them tied, and durability that turns you into a well-oiled machine.

Put simply, unstoppable is about to become an understatement.

These laces also become your style's counterpart, grounding light and bright colours, or easing into colours that match their darkness.

And if your running shoes feature a pattern of colours, as many are known to do, your navy laces will help guide the eyes of your new admirers. Look at them stare and smile. They're impressed. Feels good, doesn't it?

Not to your competitors. They will be distracted by both your higher performance and the high-performance laces that make it possible. (And how you're stealing away their admirers, of course.)

We don't dare you to run towards destinations you thought were out of reach. Our oval navy blue shoelaces do.

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Width: 6mm
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Can stretch 15%
Commonly used in sports shoes
Made of high quality polyester