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    Super wide light grey shoelaces

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    Super Wide Light Grey Shoelaces Feel Good No Matter Where You Go

    The cooler version of silver, super wide light grey shoelaces are put into trainers to make them the most magnetic piece of apparel you've ever owned.

    Because light grey is the kind of colour you want to be around, and these laces were designed to get you around…and then some.

    These laces remind people of an air-conditioned bedroom on a hot summer's night. They're like a trail of fizz coming off of a freshly opened can of soda or bottle of beer.

    It just feels nice to look at these laces. People will probably thank you for wearing them. Say, "You're welcome," and move right along – you have places to go, people to see, and laces for them to be impressed by.

    Light grey is such a nonchalant hue, it goes with literally every singular or combination of colours you can think of. From bright and loud colours like red and orange to dark base colours like black and navy blue, super wide light grey shoelaces just fit the shoe. Every single time.

    You know how clouds just effortlessly sit in the sky like they were meant to be there? Well, they were, just like these laces were meant to be in your shoes.

    We bet you're feeling more relaxed already. Just take a deep breath, grab a pair of these laces, and get ready to feel this comfortable all the time.

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    Product Code: 18M-Flat-LightGrey
    Width: 16mm
    Made of high quality polyester