• Dark brown "No-Tie" shoelaces for dress shoes

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    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons

    Combine style and convenience with brown no-tie laces for dress shoes.

    The first thing you'll notice when you slide your feet into your new slip-ons is how good your brown no-tie laces look. Which is good, because the first thing people notice is your shoes. To notice the comfort, you need only take a few steps. It's the perfect amount of tension, ensuring your feet are never too loose or too tight. Our brown no-tie laces for dress shoes were specifically designed and tested for both looks and functionality. Just wait until you experience it firsthand.


    Turn leather shoes into slip-ons.

    The concept is simple. So simple, we're not sure why everyone isn't doing it. When your brown no-tie laces arrive, simply remove the laces your shoes came with. Then insert both sides of each lace into the shoe holes. There's nothing more to it! If you set aside ten minutes to lace up your shoes, you'd have eight minutes to kill. Slide your feet into your slip-ons — no need to tie or adjust — and you're out the door.


    A comfortable fit that never needs adjusting.

    If you rarely (or never) undo your laces and re-lace them for more comfort, then we guarantee you'll rarely (or never) want to adjust your brown no-tie silicone shoelaces. These are crafted to fit inside every dress shoe while firmly but comfortably keeping your foot where it belongs. Once they're in your shoe, you'll no longer need to bend down and tend to your shoes.


    The no-tie is subtle. The look is boldly fashionable.

    Brown is a classy color that blends well with everything. From watches to belts to shoes, brown is a safe but noticeable choice. With the high-grade of silicone laces, your shoes are likely to impress, especially when surrounded by the faded, frayed fabric laces everyone else will be wearing. That is, until they see your leather shoes with no-tie laces and ask where you got them. Send them to us – like you, they won't be disappointed.


    High-quality durability and easy to clean.

    Brown is already a great color for covering up scuffs and dirt, but you're going to want to show off your silicone laces in combination with your dress shoes. All it takes to get rid of any sort of blemish is to simply wipe it away with a damp rag. That's it! These laces will never fade or fray either, and they're made with a level of quality that ensures they last longer than every type of shoe. It doesn't matter if it's a leather shoe or a sneaker, these laces will outlast them.


    Brown no-tie laces for dress shoes with the FeetUnique Guarantee.

    Every purchase is 100% guaranteed. If you don't receive exactly the product you're expecting, we'll refund it. Despite our prices and free shipping around the world, you're getting the finest quality. If you are not satisfied, you don't even need to send it back for a return. We're that confident you're going to fall in love with your new brown no-tie laces for dress shoes. They have everything you're looking for, crafted by folks who care. 

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