• Insert For Arch Support

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    This insert for arch support offers the medial arch proper support, minimizing and preventing heel pain by reducing the stress on the area between the toes and the heel bone. They are a discrete and effective way of supporting the main arch in your foot. Moreover, they take up virtually no space in shoes at all.

    Insoles for overpronation                           

    Support for the main arch prevents it from rolling inwards (“overpronating”). The right support for your arch can relieve the sensation of burning in your feet as well as excessive pain and discomfort. They help distribute the pressure evenly and help bring your feet into the best position so your muscles and bones remain in optimal condition.

    The inserts are very effective for flat-footedness (where the arch has collapsed) or if your feet are chronically tired. They prevent further deterioration. What’s more, the insoles are very easy to insert into any pair of shoes. They will stick to the bottom of the shoe and remain in place. The top part is made of comfortable and aesthetically appealing vegetable tanned leather.

    Best Insert for arch support

    The insert is perfect for arch support, making it suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or pain at or around the heel or the arch. It will relieve severe pain experienced after your feet have rested for a long time, like after sitting at the desk all today or when you wake up in the morning.

    The product is ideal for those who want not only some immediate pain relief, but also a long-term solution. Arch Support will relieve overstrained muscles and help them work optimally and grow stronger long term. While they’re best for shoes with low to no arch support, they can be worn in any shoe. If your shoes are relatively "flat" in the middle, they can be highly beneficial.                     

    The insoles are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather, which ensures superior comfort and high durability while eliminating moisture. Unless you take them out and wash them, they will probably outlast your shoes. They’re meant to stay in them.                                

    There is no specific activity that the insoles are meant for. They were designed to mold the right arch in your feet to avoid pain and medical conditions.                          

    To enjoy the product, place Arch Support insoles in your shoes without exposing the self-adhesive bottom at first. Once you have tried standing with them in and it feels right, you know where they should be and can stick them in place.

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