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    Red elastic silicone shoelaces

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    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Dirt-, dust resistant and completely waterproof
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    Red no-tie silicone shoelaces will instantly turn your shoes into slip-ons.

    When you open your new pair of red no-tie silicone shoelaces, you'll be just a few minutes away from enjoying what feels like a brand-new pair of shoes. That's because they're easy to install, fit almost all trainers with eight pairs of shoe holes (eyelets) or fewer, and are durable enough to outlast the shoes themselves. No more tying your laces or tripping over loose or fraying strings. From kids to adults, these are the perfect balance of style and convenience, created with comfort, quality and security in mind. And all for a competitive price online (+ free shipping).

    One size fits every family member's shoe.

    Kids love the fun colours, adults love the convenience, both love the feeling of a shoe that fits perfectly without having to be tied. These elastic silicone shoelaces can stretch to twice their unstretched length, so they fit in both shoes for children and adult sizes. Trainers, running shoes, lifestyle trainers, or whatever type of shoe you want to make slip-ons, all feel, look, and slide on easier with red silicone shoelaces.

    Putting in the laces is easy.

    Your red no-tie shoelaces will come in sequential order, indicating where on the shoe each lace needs to go. So it's a good idea to sort them first. Then, simply push both sides of each lace into every pair of corresponding eyelets. You will receive sixteen total, maximum eight for each shoe. If your shoes require more laces than that, they're one of the rare pairs that our red no tie silicone shoelaces will not work for.

    Variety of colours for customisation.

    Red is a great choice, and it goes well with most other colours, especially trainers already featuring red designs. But you can get even more creative with our silicone shoelaces by mixing up the choices, from a different colour on each shoe to a different colour for each lace. The possibilities are limited to your personal creativity, giving you the freedom to create your perfect pair of stylish shoes.

    Silicone shoelaces are durable, waterproof, and extremely dirt/dust resistant.

    Dust and dirt don't stick well to silicone. Water does little more than clean these laces (although we can't say the same for the trainers, so best to avoid deep puddles). In fact, we promise that these shoelaces will outlast any shoes you’ll ever own.

    Fun and affordable laces

    The highest quality, at the lowest prices—plus free shipping—means you can look forward to coming back any time for your next set. Don't believe us? Just wait until you slide these on in under a second.

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