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    White elastic silicone shoelaces

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    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Dirt-, dust resistant and completely waterproof
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    White no-tie silicone shoelaces turn your shoes into comfortable slip-ons.

    If you're tired of spending your time tying your shoes every single day, if bending over takes a toll on your back and/or legs, or if you're looking for a uniquely convenient footwear accessory that doesn’t have an ugly knot and 2 bows hanging tiredly on each side of your shoes, you're in the right place. Because after the few minutes of putting these white silicone shoelaces in place will take, you’ll never have to bend over and spend any more precious moments tying your shoes…ever…again. (Yes, you heard right.) You'll also have a shinier, bolder, more fun pair of running shoes or trainers to enjoy. Elastic no tie shoelaces are one of those discoveries that make online shopping great.

    One size fits all shoes for adults and kids. Guaranteed.

    Unless your trainers have more than eight pairs of eyelets (shoe holes) in each shoe, it's nearly certain that our white silicone shoelaces will fit – and work well. The silicone material can stretch to twice its length without loosening, creating a secure and comfortable fit no matter your shoe size, which means they’ll fit both kids and adult shoes. Going for a run? Hiking a mountain? Or just heading to school? It doesn't matter, because these laces will be perfect for any adventure.

    No-tie laces that are durable, waterproof and extremely dust/stain resistant.

    Dirt and dust simply aren't attracted to silicone elastic shoelaces like they are to the old-fashioned fabric laces that came with your trainers. These no-tie laces will outlast the shoe themselves, are waterproof, and can be cleaned with almost zero effort. A damp cloth will wipe away any stain and they’ll look good as new. Calling these shoes convenient goes beyond turning your shoes into slip-ons, you're also getting peace of mind that you're getting the longest lasting shoelace on the market.

    Silicone shoelaces are quick and intuitive to install.

    When your sixteen laces arrive (eight for each side), organize them from smallest to largest (they're numbered). The ends of each lace will have a notch at each end, which you push into opposite eyelets in your shoes. Then slide your feet inside. Seriously! It really is that easy.

    A variety of colours equals total personalisation.

    White no tie silicone shoelaces are a great place to start, as it's a colour that goes with everything. However, you can also get one of our many other colours, including red, black, purple, blue, both dark and light grey, and more. Just imagine a pair of trainers where every other lace is a different colour. The customisation possibilities are boundless…and so much fun!

    The whole family can get back to doing what they love.

    Who in your home couldn't use a little extra free time? Adults and kids both love white no tie silicone laces: the style, convenience, and fit are always exactly right. Plus, it really is true what they say: in the end, it's all the little things in life that add up to make the biggest difference. These laces are a great example of exactly that. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair today. We PROMISE they won’t disappoint.

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