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    Round light grey dress shoelaces

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    Round Light Grey Dress Shoelaces Transcend Trends

    The only way to describe our round light grey dress shoelaces is with the word, "Timeless," but what does that word mean? Sure, you might know it, or you could look it up in the dictionary, but why not take a journey with us back through history?

    Or, shall we say, your future history.

    It's a history that begins when you open up these sophisticated additions to your wardrobe and begin to thread them through your shoes. It feels like composing a classical song that will be heard for generations to come. It sounds like the crashing waves across a beach, a beach that's been there before humankind climbed down from the trees.

    Consider this: your round light grey dress shoelaces look just as approachable in a business casual outfit as they do as part of your black-tie event ensemble. And when it comes to pairing them with a specific colour of shoe, these are truly incomparable, always fitting in like thin trails of smoke in an old black and white film.

    So here's a fact: with these laces, you're destined for the history books.

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    Product Code: 3M-Classic-LightGrey
    Thin wax-layer
    Made of cotton
    Stretch 0%
    Width: 2,5mm
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Commonly used with dress shoes