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    round white dress shoelaces

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    Round White Dress Shoelaces Get You To The Top

    More stylish than classic but more traditional than contemporary, our round white dress shoelaces were made for dress shoes, instantly turning your get-ready routine into a dance routine. You will spin in front of the mirror. And you will look good doing it.

    You can enter any environment with the confidence of knowing your shoes look great, just one less thing for you to worry about. Now you can focus on outpacing the competition, which is made a lot easier when your laces were crafted specifically to make others look, slowly take off their glasses and whisper: "Wow…."

    But who knows, maybe outpacing the competition isn't just about work ethic, nor is it just about looking impressive from sole to ceiling. You might have to physically run in order to beat someone somewhere. Is the first one who offers to take the next assignment guaranteed the promotion? There's only one way to find out, and you're not going to want your laces coming untied when your full-sprint across the office carpet.

    Basically, when your dress shoes boast round white dress shoelaces of this calibre, the competition to the top of the corporate ladder, to the peak of your profession, they fall behind.

    Once you lace these up, go outside and take a moment to look down at your shoes. Then look up at the sky. That's the limit.

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    Product Code: 3M-Classic-White
    Thin wax-layer
    Made of cotton
    Stretch 0%
    Width: 2,5mm
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Commonly used with dress shoes