• Adidas Yeezy - Rope Laces Gold

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    Sneakers Are Worth Treasuring with Gold Rope Laces

    Every time you lace up your gold rope shoelaces, it feels like you have the Midas Touch. What better way to start the day? When everything you touch turns to gold, there's nothing you can't accomplish. Where will your new sneakers take you? Wherever you're going, get there in style and comfort with fully gold rope shoelaces. You deserve it.


    Designed for a Comfortable Fit

    Often, something that makes us look good comes with a downside. Usually, that's discomfort. But with these gold rope shoelaces, you can select your ideal length. When you lace them up, you'll notice the universal width fits perfectly in your sneakers. And the breathability is unmatched while the security of your foot is top of the line. These laces are the best of the best at every level.


    The Benefits of a Solid Color

    Most of our rope shoelaces are two colors. The benefit of a fully gold pair is that nothing will distract from the color. These make your sneakers look plated in gold. Even if your footwear isn't expensive, they'll look it with fully gold rope shoelaces. That's the benefit of this unique, bold color choice. Why soften its shine with a second color? A solid color is for those who know exactly what they want.


    Made to Last – Never Fades or Frays

    Few things are more frustrating that shoelaces that come untied or fray. With fully gold rope shoelaces, wear and tear are things of the past. The gold color will remain vibrant for so long, your sneakers will fade before these laces do; so feel free to put them in your next pair of shoes! Our rope shoelaces are also designed to stay tied without damaging the threads. We know shoelaces. Get the gold rope laces you know are made right. You deserve it.

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