• Adidas Yeezy - Rope Laces Light Grey and White

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    Make Shoes Cooler with Light Gray and White Rope Shoelaces

    Just looking at light gray and white rope laces soothes the soul. They're the ultimate cool down for any vibrant pair of sneakers, but they also go perfectly well on shoes with a similar color pattern. The versatility is truly unrivaled; you could even order these laces before buying the sneakers and still know for sure they'll be a great match. But that's not the only reason you'll love your light gray and white rope shoelaces.


    They Slide Right into Any Size Sneakers

    You can rest assured these shoelaces will fit through the eyelets (shoe holes) of your shoes since these are made in the universal width. But you'll need to select the inches of length you prefer. You don't want them to be too short – that's just annoying. But too long can have you tripping over them or get them caught in something. That's why we offer a range, always providing the ideal pair of shoelaces without fail.


    High Durability That Never Fades

    You don't want this smoky style to start losing its luster. That's why you came to FeetUnique. We only sell the highest quality shoelaces, products that are more durable than the sneakers themselves. The fabric won't fray or unthread, even though it's two colors in one. And when the shoes you lace them in wear down, your shoelaces will look as new as the day you got them. But don't just take our word for it, because light gray and white rope shoelaces are:


    100% Guaranteed to Be Exactly the Laces You're Hoping For

    If you're unsatisfied at all with your light gray and white rope shoelaces, we'll send you a full refund – and you don't have to send us the laces. We're that confident you're about to get the exact pair of shoelaces you're hoping for. It's the comfort, style, and quality that we know you're going to love. So much so, we guarantee it. Are you better? Then order light gray and white rope shoelaces.

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