• Adidas Yeezy - Rope Laces Black and Silver

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    Silver and Black Rope Shoelaces Bring Sneakers to the Next Level

    When you lace up silver and black rope shoelaces, you're creating an original pair of sneakers. There may be someone who owns the same pair of shoes, but it's safe to say that there's no one with this exact combination. That means you can leave the house every day knowing your feet are fully and uniquely yours. That's footwear confidence only silver and black rope shoelaces can deliver.


    Dual Colors Create an Original Style

    Silver and black is such an appealing combination, people spend a fortune on black and silver jewelry. Match these rope shoelaces with a complementary pair of sneakers, and your feet are guaranteed to turn heads. Ready to be excited to lace up your shoes? Then you're ready for silver and black rope shoelaces.


    Sizes That Fit Every Shoe

    By providing the universal width of round shoelaces alongside a range of lengths, you'll find a pair of silver and black rope shoelaces that fit your shoes perfectly. These are optimized for both comfort and style, giving your feet better breathability while keeping them securely in place. What's better than looking your best? Feeling 100% too.


    Highest Quality Material – Durable, Consistent, Bright

    The value of every pair of FeetUnique laces come down to three distinct factors: durability, consistency, and color. Your new pair of silver and black rope shoelaces will outlast the sneakers themselves. They won't fray or come undone like the laces that came with your shoes. And the colors never fade, maintaining their vivid contrast day in and day out. If you're looking for the best of the best, look no further. You found them.

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